Specifications for Extrusion Sheet


Currently we have 11 German and Italian extrusion plants. In the various extruders can up to 5 layers of different materials are connected, while the properties of a substance are amplified by the other material and thus the application of the plastic sheets will be expanded. We produce high quality sheets and films made of plastics PP, PS, PS-EL, HIPS, PET, HDPE, ABS, ABS / ASA, ABS / TPU, ABS / PMMA ...

PS and PS-EL are often in electrical devices industry or packaging industry verwaendet (eg. Trays). Our PS plates are refrigerators branded http://pozis.ru/product/holod/30 .

ABS and ABS-EL automotive and packaging industry

ABS / PMMA is used in the automotive industry, both also for the production of shower stalls, bathtubs, etc. ...

ABS / TPU wid in the automotive industry to use as interior parts of caravans produce .......

Standart strengths: are all at up to 10 mm, except for PP and PE where we can see up to 40 mm produced. For this I moenchte erwehnen that we at the end of this year (2017) a plan "new" product range, then pressed sheets are produced (PE UHMV) with up to 150mm Staerke.

Standard widths: love at to 2,100 mm with smooth plates, creating structured (textured) plates can be prepared up to 1.450mm.

We have 6 different textures. 


Above textures are available. More on request